Author Topic: FEMA Publication 956 Living with Dams...Must read for Pittsford, Brighton, Perinton NY & all points  (Read 52 times)

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It's been awhile since the ECNA talked about this FEMA publication, maybe the best information out there for a cursory look at why this Earthen Embankment Integrity Program, EEIP, is so important to every community along the Erie Canal in NY state. It's an easy read and suggested reading material for those who are starting to see the bigger picture.. it's not about trees, it is all about safety.

Document is too big to post, but here's a link to get a copy.

This publication cover's everything about P956 - Living with Dams, as it's title implies. And the emphasis is not about trying to deny their existence, it's all about recognizing where the Dams are around  our homes and developing an Emergency Action Plan (EAP) to insure warnings go out if there is ever a flood threat. Hopefully the next few images will get you thinking about reading this short FEMA publication for yourself. How would you answer the three questions below?

Take a look at this picture and think of how you might answer that question that has been added to the picture from this publication.

What that picture shows is a real possibility with the Erie Canal due to it's aging Embankments. That is why the NY Canal Corporation, under direction of "new ownership" NY Power Authority, has undertaken their new Earthen Embankment Integrity Program... or EEIP. The Dams will be cleared for safety but that still doesn't complete remove the potential of having a flood like that in the picture, it only address the most critical factors that could result in a dam breach.. there are many others.

How would we know if the Erie Canal had flood event that would effect me?

The FEMA publication talks quite a bit about this one as well... here's a page and another question.

If you haven't seen our ECNA Flood Insurance Discussion Board go check it out..not many posts yet but the ones there get lots of views. This is maybe the "dollars & cents" side of Living with Dams and as many more find out they live BELOW them the question of Flood Insurance seems to become a hot topic.

Do I need Flood Insurance? seems to be the big question of those who find out they are living below a dam in their community

As many know in our area already.. Flood Insurance comes in two forms.. "Optional" & "Mandatory".. and the latter is sometimes a result of FEMA Flood Zone definition. Here's a page from FEMA P-956 on this topic.

It's hard to summarize an entire publication this important in 3 pictures, but if these have made you think, I highly suggest looking at this FEMA publication for yourself. If not for the content, just open it to see all of the linked videos, technical papers & publications on the topic of Embankment Dam safety.

It's hard to avoid the simple fact this is all about Risk & Safety at the end of the day people...