Author Topic: I guess we just can't fix stupid?  (Read 22 times)

Michael Caswell

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I guess we just can't fix stupid?
« on: June 23, 2020, 05:14:18 am »

What is this? Yet another attempt to rename an earthen embankment dam?

Good grief! They never give up, do they! 

We know why they hate the word DAM. It's because all the rules pertaining to dams can be applied here, and that goes against their entire argument.   
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Doug K

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It's beyond belief, but right in line with this Facebook group, Facebook should be ashamed to have something like this on their platform... it's bordering on idiotic.

It's pretty easy to see that this group only thinks what it's Leaders do, no effort to learn word meanings, no effort to improve their sad defense of "words" being used. If Ms. Agte, Maier or Gouldthorpe say it's true, then it must be, right?

Yes Mr. Burrows, the words "Dam and Embankment" are different. One starts with a D, the other an E. One is only 3 letters long, the other is 10 letters... and that seems to be enough for this group to say they are "very different". Of course Merrium-Webster may have something to say about that one.

Can't get any more clear on those Synonyms can you?

Let's look at another website for how Embankment is used in the English Language

Once again you see the word DAM being added to the term "embankment", though most say it might be redundant in this case. Simply stated the difference between and Embankment and Dam are almost non-existent, Earthen Embankments are almost always used to hold back WATER. It's either a Dam or a Levee and that is what MOST people understand as "common sense".

Unless of course that person lacks even common sense

And the key to the word Embankment is that function of IMPOUNDING water. If there is no water being held back, then the word used the most to describe that earthen shape is "a hill". Could be hillside, could be rolling hill, but if the hill has WATER on the other side, and not more's referred to as an earthen dam or earthen levee. It is that simple, and a 5 year old can understand.

Dams hold back water for long extended times by definition, always "wet". Earthen Embankment Dams are the easiest to build and leak the most.

Levees are embankments that are put up to hold back water during a flood event, temporary wall so a stream, river or creek that has overflowed it's natural course and save the surrounding area from floods. They are normally DRY and used only when an event produces more water, or if along the ocean, more waves or storms.

At least this group is not calling these embankments by the incorrect term of levee anymore... that showed an even bigger lack of knowledge on their part.

Nope, you are right, some things like this, just can't be fixed, like people following a "lost cause" and the poor leadership that goes along with that cause.
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