Author Topic: Is a Facebook Protest Group trying to pedal an unsafe product to us all?  (Read 40 times)

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This will most likely be my LAST post on this ECNA Forum Board... it's time to stop kicking the dead horse so to speak.

After a year or more of scratching our heads here at the ECNA, regarding all of what the Stop the Canal ClearCut group on Facebook was trying to make a case for, in the end the discussion of Embankments comes down to one thing... Truth in Advertising about the Product you are trying to Sell

You see the Stop the Canal ClearCut Group is really trying to sell a tired old, unsafe Erie Canal... one that is now 100 years old and aging fast

They are trying to sell that to Rochester communities even though the Erie Canal embankments are falling apart, it's leaking and many of it's 100 year old parts & structures are falling apart faster than the Canal Corp can keep up. It's so bad that there were more than 2 dozen unexpected repairs needed since the 2019 opening that followed to major emergency embankment repairs made last year.

They think this is what looks best... hanging overhead trees branches waiting to fall

They do NOT believe this  meets the requirements for Scenery & Safety

The STCC is saying they are trying to Save the Trees... the same trees that the owners & caretakers of the NY Canal System have said are Danger Trees.

The STCC is saying they are acting on behalf of the Environment, yet the NY Dept of Environmental Conservation supports the Canal Corporation on it's embankment cleanup program. And will be supporting them as they continue their effort to cleanup our area.

The STCC said the Canal Corporation was "clear-cutting" all of the trees along the Erie Cana not fixing damsl... look at these pictures.. they tell a different story

The STCC expects us to believe that Trees can't be dangerous in spite of all of the evidence to the contrary that is out there...

To all my Erie Canal Neighbors:

If you live below the waterline of an NY State Canal Embankment Dam, and worry about your safety. maybe you want to reconsider what the Stop The Canal ClearCut group is selling... It won't work for you in the long run to improve your safety

The ECNA has spent 18 months trying to convince them otherwise but it has not helped to change this groups incorrect paradigms of what a "safe" Erie Canal looks's time to quit while we are ahead... their leaders finally used the word "Dam"
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Michael Caswell

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A MAJOR repair done last year at The Oxbow!   This should dispel anyone's ideas that these dams were safe!
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