Author Topic: New Info... Has the Nextdoor App Community in Fairport & Perinton been compromised?  (Read 47 times)

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If you read Mike Caswell's Expose' Post on the ECNA Forum you probably are shaking your head like I am right now... what is going on in Perinton & Fairport these days? This appears to almost border on an "ethical" dilemma for Nextdoor, it's obvious there is something wrong.

I have to say now that "Something Smells Fishy in Fairport along the Erie Canal" and it hasn't even been filled yet...

Here's a guy, Mike Caswell, that just asked "Why?" his post was removed from the Nextdoor Fairport website, he'd written a post about Erie Canal Safety. He contacted the local Moderator, Nikki Weston, who really couldn't say what he had done wrong, just that some "people" complained which caused the removal of his post. The local support even went so far as saying it may have been a "higher up" Nextdoor moderator who pulled it. So Mike then emailed Nextdoor's global support staff and they stated his safety post was removed locally.

So why did the local moderators try to pass the buck, trying to say it was done "higher up"?

Well if you know Mike Caswell,  you also know he will find that out that answer. And now it seems the person Mike contacted originally at Nextdoor Fairport failed to tell Mike she was the Local "Lead" who pulled the post. Now Mike has uncovered some clear evidence that shows why the post was taken down. It appears that Ms.Weston's actions came at the request of members & LEADERS in the Stop the Canal Clearcut group.

Since the publish of the Post, Ms Weston has now claimed she doesn't know who is in the Stop the Canal ClearCut group. Very hard to believe that statement as she IS a member herself, and has access to the member list through her STCC Facebook connection.

If anyone out there has the COMPLETE list of Stop the Canal ClearCut Facebook Members it would be an interesting read I'm sure. Please post (or send it along) so Rochester can see who these "proud" supporters are, tree supporters who fail to consider public safety.

So if the STCC doesn't like what's up on the Nextdoor site, they can "just write their lead" I suppose, or at least that is what the appearance of this whole incident suggests...It was stated clearly by Ms Agte recently, that she contacted Nextdoor to complain about Mr. Caswell's latest safety post on Nextdoor Fairport. She also campaigned for others in the STCC to "complain" as well. And not too long after she boasted about all this on her own Stop the Canal Clearcut Facebook page... see here post below.

Here's what this whole thing looks like... if you draw it out like Detectives & Engineers would.

Many of Mike's Nextdoor Fairport posts are centered on Safety in Fairport & Perinton, with an emphasis on those closest to the Erie Canal waterways and it's vast system of embankment dams. Most of you know about Mike's efforts to spread the facts & truth about Dam Safety and how it relates to Erie Canal embankment we work see going on all around us right now. Mike C is trying to point the conversation at Safety.. sadly it seems very few in Fairport actually will help him in this goal.

With this "behind the scenes" REVELATION from Nextdoor, and their refusal to remove the possibly unethical lead from the Fairport Nextdoor Neighborhood, once again it looks like STCC group is trying to "manipulate" the entire conversation of SAFETY for Erie Canal Neighbors in Fairport & Perinton. Safety is a controversial topic, just look at Pittsford & Fairports' reaction by creating a group dedicated to fighting against the claim. And the STCC group is taking advantage of that to suggest that any view CONTRARY to theirs is "controversial".. a farce.

Time has come for action... talk to your Town Leaders...ask them to support Dam Safety, and understand that trees ARE the problem here.

Doug Kucmerowski
ECNA Co-Founder
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