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Nextdoor Nonsense
« on: August 06, 2020, 04:44:44 am »
I have just realised what is going on here.

Jesse Edmund has recently volunteered as a lead, so there is one extra count on he and his wife (Kristen Edmund) point of view, which is very narrow minded from what I can see.

Surely ND can see the unfairness of this Edmund arrangement?  You will notice that Kristen Edmund's votes are usually to 'remove' votes, and is often ruining someone's small business. My understanding is that small business owners can blow their trumpet once a month at no cost, but please correct me if I am wrong. 

In this current climate, it would do Nextdoor good to encourage small business, even extending free advertising. Some people are desperately trying to supplement their income, and should be encouraged, and they don't need this Edmund heavy handedness.

There should only be ONE LEAD in a household.

Here's a blatant advertising post.

Why would Kristen Edmund, her husband Jesse (both ND leads) and Sam Carini & his wife put likes against this post?

Kristen Edmund  almost always votes to remove commercially biased ads?

It's all very strange as they are blatantly advertising Carini's business.

Carini & Edmund were in collaboration on getting me banned for a month, for mentioning the embankment dam problems (NYPA) on Nextdoor.

The post was removed! My protest to ND was heard.

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