Author Topic: NY Canal Corporation video regarding Erie Canal Safety in Perinton  (Read 254 times)

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Contrary to the Stop the Clear Cut (STCC) Facebook group's total disregard for Erie Canal infrastructure issues & canal neighbor safety, the NY Canal Corporation is still trying to get the message out about the Erie Canal Restoration project and it's impact on community safety, especially where the canal runs through eastern Monroe County. They have prepared a video exclusively for the folks in Perinton describing the embankment safety issues there...take a look.

Sadly, the Fairport-based STCC group will criticize these efforts, calling any safety discussion "fear-mongering" & once again trying to convince local residents that their group has all the answers. Their answer to safety is to simply dismiss it as untrue and not talk about it at all... and sadly the group operates out of Perinton itself.

Nothing could be further from the truth though, demonstrated by the simple fact that none of the STCC Leadership will call the embankments "dams", and they ridicule anyone that does, even the owners and caretakers of the Erie Canal Embankment Dams.

The STCC Lead decision makers act like Hydrology Experts but fail to grasp & accept the most basic elements of the NY Canal Corporation Earthen Embankment Restoration project. This project has been created to address unsafe embankments that continue to fail inspection and have created an unsafe condition for neighboring property owners. The STCC group is still trying to protect the very trees that are causing the Embankment issues.

How far off base is that idea in light of all the activity regarding safety?

The NY Canal Corporation and their parent agency, the NY Power Authority, have a difficult task of balancing warnings regarding public safety while not creating a public panic when discussing this Erie Canal Remediation work. They want to be firm, and insure the public understand the seriousness of the safety issue but don't want people to live in fear of an imminent collapse. Sadly the Stop the Clear Cut Leaders simply dismisses the entire safety issue, mostly because they refuse to even accept the words "Unsafe Dams"

As always, the ECNA is working alongside the NY Canal Corp & Power Authority, trying to uncover the truth, educate the public, and insure the Erie Canal  is safe for generations to come.

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