Author Topic: ECNA refutes recent Facebook Group post  (Read 341 times)

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ECNA refutes recent Facebook Group post
« on: November 30, 2018, 07:56:56 am »
It's all about Levees and Dams
* ECNA refutes protestors.pdf (1088.5 kB - downloaded 18 times.)
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Re: ECNA refutes recent STCC post
« Reply #1 on: November 30, 2018, 09:46:24 am »
Great explanation, unfortunately many in the Stop The Clear Cut movement have wrestled with how to refute Embankment Dam facts more than accept the truth about Erie Canal construction. They continue to drive forward with their unsubstantiated, narrow view of this project trying to re-write years of Scientific & Engineering Best Practices, purely on their "say-so & their feelings".

The STCC says Trees are Good...while all experts agree that is UNTRUE if the Trees are growing on Embankment Dams

The STCC says the raised Embankments holding back or carrying Erie Canal water over low lying areas are levees or part of a natural waterway system which their own experts have stated is UNTRUE based on materials, design, & application.

The STCC says the current Rules & Standards being applied to Embankment Dam Vegetation Free Zones are too restrictive and need to be changed JUST for the Erie Canal System, UNTRUE on so many levels & for so many reasons it's just not worth getting into here.

I guess if it doesn't look like Hoover Dam these folks say it's a NOT A dam. They fail to understand terms like "channel canal" or streambank, even fail to understand how levees work and that levees are usually NOT "wet" all the time.


1) The Erie Canal is made of Rivers, Channels, Cement  structires like Aquaducts & Dams and YES...122 miles of interconnected Embankment Dams.

2) The Erie Canal we see is 100 years old, but from an Engineering perspective has had only a 50% Duty Cycle due to the ability to empty most of the waterway every year.

3) Most, if not ALL man-made sections, get a chance to "rest" during the winter and the Embankment Dams have only experienced the force & pressure of water for HALF of their life so far.

4) The Erie Canal is NOW falling apart due to YEARS of neglected inspections & proper maintenance and now needs to be repaired..starting with Remediation of the "weakest links"'s Embankments.

It's very hard to believe the Leaders of this group HAVE NOT even taken the time to educate themselves given all of the information available on the Internet and even with direction from the NY Canal Corporation to many of the key publications.

Here's a great site on Dams ---

Of course true knowledge comes hand in hand with the ability to understand FIRST, what we ourselves, "don't know". Too bad the STCC believes they have "all the answers". Worse yet...if the real facts don't support their "all knowing view" the group simply makes up "their own truth" and then scours the Internet for anyone they can CON into supporting them. Sadly, the STCC Leaders see nothing wrong with this tactic of denial & deceit.

And THAT is what the ECNA will continue to Fight..Denial & Deceit of the Public.

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