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And so the story continues...

After Ever Gavelis had finished his Eagle Scout clean-up work along the Oxbow Trail, a local dissident group who called themselves "The Quorum", that was also in favor of that "overgrown wild look" to the trail created a stink that all but shutdown the Oxbow Trail efforts. That effort to stop the work at the Oxbow Trail was led in part by Ms. Elizabeth Agte, who later went on to form the Stop the Canal Clear-cut Group on Facebook.

Ms. Agte often posts pretty pictures to her protest group, taken along the Erie Canal from that same Oxbow Trail that she tried to prevent from being cleared. She states it's one of the most beautiful spots along the Erie Canal she knows of, and to this day has not lifted one finger to help in the effort to keep it cleared. She still longs for the days it was overgrown & unmanaged.

So, after the Oxbow Trail was initially cleared, the Erie Canal Neighbors Association stepped in and adopted this trail in 2018, to insure it had a chance to survive with that same "vision" as young Mr. Gavelis had started. The ECNA became Canal Trail Ambassadors, with their adoption of the Oxbow Park & Trail from New York Parks & Trails.

And at the same time a local resident, Mike Caswell, decided it was time to create a webpage dedicated to this little "secret" in Fairport, and the Oxbow Blog was started. That weblog is dedicated to the history and restoration of the Oxbow Rd Trail, and is managed by Mr. Caswell.

Here's the story about one of the Oxbow Trail cleanup events.

And another story about life along the Oxbow

Sometimes it's one person making a difference in our community, like Ever Gavelis.

Or sometimes it's a group of concerned citizens coming together for a common cause to insure the safety of the Erie Canal System or making sure a small trail is maintained. like the ECNA. In any case it's about community involvement and those individuals that support IMPROVING the world around them, not tearing it apart with divisive "rhetoric" about the value of trees or shade and ignoring the issues with Canal or Trail Safety

Thank you do EVERYONE that has helped the ECNA support the Oxbow Trail Clean-up efforts... and we are sure that somewhere Ever Gavelis is saying thank you as well
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