Author Topic: Perinton's Oxbow Park & Trail - The Power Of One Eagle Scout  (Read 49 times)

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And we also have to acknowledge the wife of one of the Erie Canal Neighbors Association Co-Founders, who unfortunately lost her life in a tragic, and avoidable accident, that took her life near the entrance to the Oxbow Trail. Somehow delays in replacing the washout of the original Oxbow Road culvert over a drainage area, from the local Minerva School fields, resulted in local residents creating a workaround to regain access to the Oxbow Trail.

And despite numerous attempts from the ECNA to get the New York Canal Corporation, or local Perinton town leaders, to properly repair or replace the washout, the project languished for more than 4 years. The temporary trail worked around the culvert issue but was slippery under any wet conditions. Over 2 years the ECNA pleaded with the Canal Corporation to replace the missing trail section, which also made it difficult for any trail maintenance work to be done at the Oxbow.

Unfortunately it took loss of one person's life to finally get the Oxbow Rd Bridge done. After more than 4 years of excuses and inaction, the Oxbow Rd bridge was replaced a few days after Carol Caswell lost her life as a result of a fall she had navigating the temporary trail workaround and all the material gathered for the replacement. She was walking the Oxbow Park with her husband Mike, co-founder of the ECNA, and their dogs when she fell, and a few days later passed from brain hemorrhage complications.

Here's the new bridge, and a picture of what is left of the temporary trail, still used by student from Minerva School as a shortcut to local neighborhoods.

Maybe someday soon there will be a plaque erected, to post on that new Oxbow Rd bridge, in memory of Carol Caswell, who lost her life because of NYS "logistics" getting a washout bridge replaced on a public road, that took four years to process.

Rest in Peace Carol Caswell

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