Author Topic: NYS Praises Fairport NY in 2022 Canal Season Video, despite Protests from Fairport Facebook Group  (Read 31 times)

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Found this video from NYS Canal Corporation, it is praising the little village of Fairport NY, for their unwavering commitment to improving Erie Canal sustainability and use... go figure!

The same Fairport, New York that is HOME to the ONLY group of "canal patrons" that are openly protesting the NYS Canal Corporation's work on Erie Canal Embankment Integrity improvements, that are on display at Facebook.

The ECNA has talked about this "grassroots" protest group in the past, and have had to dedicate an entire Forum Discussion Board to their mis-information and denialism. It's been a 5 year battle to have even a handful of this group listen to the truth.

You can read their latest bit of Erie Canal safety "deception" using the link provided below

The Fairport Village Mayor stands up to say a few words about how pleased she is with the "partnership" between hew Village and the Canal Corporation (NYSCC) & their parent, New York Power Authority (NYPA). She praised the work of Reimagine the Canals that has brought nice LED lighting to the villages main lift bridge. Fairport has had much of their canalside improved (using NYS tax dollars and Grants" for Inclusive Kayaking, park benches and such... all nice words for NYPA and the Canal Folks.

Not sure if the feeling is really "mutual" between NYPA & Fairport, as New York State is still WAITING to see if Mayor Domaratz is going to ADDRESS the small contingent on social media who is making Fairport look rather foolish, spouting lies about Erie Canal embankment safety, and protesting routine dam maintenance all in the name of the "environment". The group went so far as to force a lawsuit to stop canal maintenance, just to waste taxpayer's money, as the message of canal embankment safety hasn't changed... in all this time.

The ECNA is also not sure if the NYS Canal Corporation folks would ALL have nice things to say about Fairport & it's residents as well. Afterall, the Canal Corporation and NYPA have been bullied & belittled by this Fairport Facebook Group since Day 1, when the TRUTH about the current condition of the Erie Canal was released to the Public in their Embankment Integrity Program.

A few others from NYS politics stood up in the video, to praise the fine effort Fairport has made to SUPPORT the transformation of the NYS Canal System. Mr Stratton, Mr. Driscoll, NYPA dignitaries and others spoke about Fairport's virtues... sadly it's these SAME people working for the improvement of the Erie Canal, that have been attacked time and time again by the Fairport Embankment Denialist on Facebook.

That Facebook protest group that is telling even more LIES about NYS Canal Safety and getting away with it, since no one in NYPA or NYS wants to correct their mis-information, or call them out on their Denialist approach.

Oh don't get us wrong, the Canal Corporation & NYPA have tried MANY times to talk with this group, and sadly the group's leaders have not listened and dug their heels in further. Both, Ms. Virginia Maier & Ms. Elizabeth Agte STILL refuse to believe they might be wrong about "canal embankment safety", and keep telling the 20 or so "followers" to keep fighting the "good fight".

The STCC group boasts having "thousands of voices" but in truth the group has about 20 or so "active" members who post on FB, and almost 100% of it is "misinformation & conspiracy theories"

And that "good fight"?

Well it is against the SAFETY of Erie Canal Embankments in their own lovely Village of Fairport, and the safety of Fairport Residents in neighborhoods like Crystal Springs, Brentwood and other neighborhoods lying 50 feet or more BELOW these 100 year old, tree covered, man-made dams.

New York State residents should be ashamed at how this whole matter has been handled as both the Canal Corporation & NYPA, have stopped trying to "educate" these leaders, and their group. Now they just let them get away with their campaign of denial, distraction, and deception.

And add the NYS Comptroller and our own Governor who have ALSO not addressed the issue, though BOTH have been contacted directly about this group, and it's antics. The Governor was up for "reelection" so she chose to "ignore" the group and provide a canned response about how "great" New York is. The State Comptroller STARTED this whole mess when he stated the Erie Canal has become a "safety issue" in 2015, in a now long buried report.

I suppose the ECNA, all of Monroe County leadership & the general public in New York State will simply have to accept that this approach of "ignoring the elephant in the room" must be the best way to handle misguided social media ignorance. Because it doesn't look like anyone in New York politics will EVER tell this Facebook Stop the Canal Clear-cut Group to "cease & desist" anytime soon.

And that is the saddest part of this post...
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