Author Topic: Perinton Embankment Integrity Program has been Released by NYCC  (Read 105 times)

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July 4, 2019... Happy Birthday America & Happy Birthday Erie Canal Rehabilitation.

The NY Canal Corporation has released their new Embankment Safety PROGRAM... yes program. This is  the follow up to the first clearing project done in Western Monroe County and is much more comprehensive than the initial work.

Here's the linked post on the ECNA:!-extra!-canal-corporation-releases-new-website-for-embankment-safety-progr/

But what is really striking for Perinton & Pittsford areas, its become a clear case of "Be careful what you ask for". The maps tell the story...

There used to be only 3 sections of embankment in the entire 8 miles of shoreline on BOTH sides falls into the new Embankment Integrity Program... EIP for short.

Here's something that the ECNA and NYCC have been saying all along.. because of the unique character of the topography of this area just about ALL of it falls into various Dam Hazard Zones, ie: low lands

For those saying OMG right now... it's not just your Village & Town... Here's Pittsford

Pittsford on the original Vegetation plan had only 3 small sections. It too now is the entire canal length through the Town, just like Perinton. And on both sides of the waterway, and a FEMA Flood Hazard map that shows just who's in Danger of a flood.. Note: the FEMA Flood Hazard Ratings... when did FEMA get involved?

What's Next?
Now you may want to believe that the maps are lying... but you would be wrong...maybe dead wrong if the embankments are not addressed sooner than later. These are from a new Engineering study, part of the State Environmental review process. They are used for work like this, public safety, Dam-related.

If you live in this area you should get involved to make your communities SAFE again, not hold on to a fantasy that everything is "alright".. because it isn't... take a look at the maps.

And don't forget that unless the Canal Corporation is allowed to actually FIX these unsafe embankment areas, that Flood Hazard mapping doesn't improve its safety factor.


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"To ensure that no areas have been missed, the project area contemplates all lands in and along the canal system where there may be embankments."

I don't think this necessarily means they will clear cut the lands along the canal but they certainly will inspect all the land adjacent to the canal. Although Perinton for example...
"Total acreage of the site of the proposed action? 570 acres"
"Total acreage to be physically disturbed? 570 acres"

So I guess it all depends what they define as "physically disturbed."
"The New York State Canal Corporation is developing an embankment inspection and maintenance guidebook that will set forth protocols for safety, inspection, maintenance, community outreach and related environmental concerns, including a procedural approach as to where trees will be removed. While there will be a presumption that all trees and other unsuitable vegetation will be cleared to protect people and property, the guidebook will also recognize opportunities to consider alternatives to tree clearing in areas used for recreation, parks, municipal, residential and commercial areas."

Is this a presumption of the NYCC?

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Yes, the statement from the new Earthen Embankment Integrity Program  is similar to the original restoration project, Safety First.

What the difference is with the new Program...expanded coverage to the ENTIRE canal system, not just identified unsafe Embankments. And also expanded distance of the SEQR process from 10' beyond the Canal Property to 100' outward from its edges.

If trees hanging over a trail are dangerous so are trees hanging over the waterway. If trees on Dams are making them unsafe the Canal Corp will be working to identify more Embankment Dams that need clearing,  These are pretty easy safety concepts to understand...and necessary to guarantee public safety and longevity of the Canal.

As for Pittsford, Brighton & Perinton, originally the Canal Corp Restoration Project showed  44 acres bring cleared on 8 work sites along roughly 5 miles of Canal property. NYCC also stated approximately 127 neighboring  property owners were living adjacent to that work.

The new Embankment Integrity program  (EIP) has 540 acres along about 15 miles of canal that passes through these three Towns. Now BOTH side of the Canal will be inspected, and cleared if deemed unsafe by Federal & State Dam standards. And the SEQR Review that was requested will insure safety compliance for these flood control structures.

Until these dams are cleared & rehabilitated, every citizen inside these Towns has been identified as being in a potential Flood Hazard Zone if you look at the new Embankment Integrity Program maps...

Time to wake up to the dangers all around the Erie Canal and also to support the Canal Corporation & NY Power Authority who are working hard to make things right again, safe for usera, and safe for neighbors.