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Perinton Emergency Embankment Repairs Almost Completed
« on: January 19, 2020, 04:09:06 pm »
You would think that some folks would leave well enough alone… but they don't

Perinton is finally getting the final work done on a nearly two year old emergency repair that was made to one of the leaky embankment dams that runs through western NY State. That repair work was covered when it happened, both in the local news and also here on the Erie Canal Neighbors Forum. In the process of making that embankment leak repair, a communication cable of some sort that run under the canal, THROUGH the embankment, was severed in the process of pounding steel plates into the crest of the dam to try and stop the water from leaking all over Perinton. That cable is being replaced now.

It appears that a group on Facebook, whose been arguing against the embankment work, wanted to bring all activity of cable repair to the attention of their loyal members. The reason is a bit of a mystery as the reason seems to change based on how many likes a post receives. Here’s the first & second Facebook postings

By the third post in the top of the picture below, the “likes” had all but vanished and people were not interested in what the group’s leaders were posting. You can see the decline when you group them all together and take them as a whole.

Of course the bottom picture and its message of No Safety Issues are the subject of this ECNA post.
It seems like the person is using the same old rhetoric of this Facebook group to “stir up the masses”. First, mentioning the Governor's Re-imagine the Canal work in comparison to this cable work and how the canal “looks”. Then the standard ridicule of the NY Canal Corporation work and how they messed up the communication cable boring work. Then finally ending by saying that NONE of this was necessary, it's all part of “expensive emergency work” that the Facebook Group’s Founder says “fixed nothing”.

Nothing could be further from the folks, but it’s scary to think that some of our neighbor think there is nothing wrong with the canal and refuse to recognize the danger sitting right over our heads.

Attention: Your NYS Canal is Broken!

Here’s a story regarding the EMERGENCY repairs that were done in 2018 that caused the cable to be severed in the first place.
The canal leak in this area was so extensive that hundreds of feet was re-enforced with large steel plating in order to open up the canal system for 2018… it was THAT bad. The same was true on a south side embankment in Spencerport. Both of these placed many canal neighbors in serious danger of flooding.
The Canal Corporation had just recently changed hands from the NY Thruway Authority to the NEW ownership, the New York Power Authority. This was a wakeup call to them about the safety & stability of the entire NYS Canal System they just inherited, and also qualified the negative “bill of health” the Canal System received by the State Comptroller.

Could it be that ALL of these other local news agencies are also lying about the Emergency Repairs from 2018? Seems many news agencies reported about this and not one called it a hoax or a sham at that time, or any time since? So why can this Facebook group post these types of statements without giving one shred of proof?

Even the NY Canal Corporation, who owns the land and manages these types of public safety repairs, must be part of the “cover-up” being insinuated by this Facebook group. They put out this announcement regarding the emergency canal EMBANKMENT work that was being done.

Unanswered Questions Linger in Perinton
Is this Facebook group hinting at some kind of conspiracy to waste taxpayer dollars with unnecessary canal work? It would appear that it’s really about the simple fact that when they bad mouth the Canal Embankment Safety work they get readers all riled up to say “yea”. And if they create a fake narrative about safety and say nothing is wrong…their followers agree with likes.
It also appears that the Facebook Group founders also have understood the value of creating “fake news” and “conspiracy theories”.. it get’s the “like count” up. Shame on Facebook for letting this go on so long.

Here's the TRUTH on the cable drilling that was described as being "messed up" by the Facebook Founders.. it was accurate to within half a degree. It's not's called MATH and you only need to apply it to understand the truth.

Now here's a question to ponder... take a look at this picture... of a danger right in your town

More Questions for Perinton
Isn’t it time we all recognized that people or groups, that continue fighting AGAINST any public safety project or program in our community, should be told to STOP? Especially where the public safety issues involve the possibility or potential of flooding entire communities that have existed near the Erie Canal for centuries? When it comes to the point of citizens standing in the way of NY State workers trying to do their jobs isn’t it time to say “Enough, please Stop!”
Isn’t it time that your community starts addressing the outright lies being told by a group that seems to follow the whims of its Leadership and appears to have some personal agenda for the Empire Trail that doesn’t include the safety or protection of Barge Canal System neighbors living unsafely below these unsafe embankments? Even now their founders & leaders are still denying the safety issues we have in our communities along the western end of the NY Barge Canal.
Isn’t it time to let your OWN voices be heard, and stop letting this group speak for you and the community you live in?
Isn’t it time to put an end to the Stop the Canal Clear Cut Lies?
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The entire Perinton community should read this ECNA Posting about the condition of the NYS Barge Canal as well as operational costs. It will refute a couple "myths" that many opposing canal repairs have insisted are true.

Myth 1: The new Barge Canal has ONLY broken once, in Bushnell's Basin in 1974 when it was caused by human error

Myth 2: As Taxpayers in NY State our money pays for the Erie Canal, which gives us the right to protect changes

Go and read this for yourself...and decide if these statements are true of false

This information appears to run contrary to what is being circulated around your town as "fact", and is in the best interest of all Canal Neighbors living next to or below the waterway.

It's your safety, it's your community, you can chose to protect it or chose to leave current canal safety issues unresolved... but you should make your decision based in truth, not on the opinions or hearsay of others.
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