Author Topic: Perinton & Fairport Residents - File this one under "Don't try this is at Home!"  (Read 178 times)

Doug K

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Well that local environmental extremest group is at it again... seems they feel that rules & laws of our state simply don't apply to them in their quest to keep trees on unsafe canal embankments in our area.

Now they are erecting signs on NY State Lands, signs that have to be removed at TAX PAYER's EXPENSE as these signs are against the law and also CREATE more safety issues. After all, pounding 4x4 post holes in the bottom of earthen dams to hang up signs that support fighting public safety, would make those folks fixing the unsafe embankments a little nervous don't you think?

Here's a little something to remind Pittsford, Brighton & Perinton what you should NOT do when Embankment Integrity Program work starts in your Towns & Villages soon. The NY Canal Corporation & NY Power Authority are only trying to repair some long standing safety issues on the Canal System, they certainly do NOT deserve this type of treatment.

Let's not forget NY Taxpayers who are paying for many extra expenses on this project as a DIRECT result of actions of a group who says Shade is Cool. It's our money they are wasting, fighting against public safety with lawsuits & removing illegally placed signs along the canal.

And It all started with a SIGN...

Maybe they should have checked Holley Village Sign Code & NY Canal System Regulations first?

And the NY Canal Corporation is within it's rights by Canal Law to REMOVE these structures.

Worse yet... this group's LEADER seems to somehow believe they are ABOVE THE LAW...and are accusing the State of NY of property theft.

Pittsford, Perinton, Fairport and all points East, maybe a lesson to be learned here... Don't try this at home!
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Michael Caswell

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And their 'leader' has already had her wrists slapped for posting this notice on Canal Property. She should know better.
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