Author Topic: Perinton & Fairport, Your attention PLEASE: The Oxbow Dam is a danger to your community  (Read 19 times)

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A bold statement, and one that is TRUE!

The Oxbow Dam is a looming danger to the communities & neighborhoods just west of it's location. This is under hydraulic pressures applied by all that water it's holding back. Here's a map for reference.

Go and take a look at this dam, if you can find it. It's all covered with trees and is scheduled to be cleared with the new Canal Corporation's Earthen Embankment Integrity Program, or EEIP as it's called. You will have to walk the outer slope of this dam to see the huge gouges caused by all those trees funneling water and weakening the slope due to tree roots & erosion.

Now, go read this news article about the Edenville Dams that just flooded Midland Michigan and see the same issues there are on this very Dam in Fairport. Michigan is still fighting this unsafe dam problem, and getting it repaired will be no easy task. Is Perinton going to be the next Midland?

Mike Caswell, your neighbor and Co-Founder of the ECNA has been trying to use Nextdoor as a tool to keep Fairport Residents notified of this danger and how bad this particular earthen dam at the Oxbow has become. His reward is that he has been booted from Nextdoor for the third time now, this time for another 30 days because Nextdoor Fairport doesn't think community safety is as important a topic as lost kittens.

Here's Mike's latest email to Next Door moderators to inform them they are avoiding very key subjects for Fairport... Public Safety.

The big trouble with Nextdoor Fairport is that a Facebook Group, calling themselves the Stop the Canal Clear-Cut, has taken control of what topics get discussed in Fairport, having placed several moderators on the Nextdoor Fport watchdog committee. They do not like the ECNA, they do not like Mike Caswell and the certainly do not like to discuss public safety, they are against fixing these unsafe Earthen Dams.

It's up to you all what you do with your safety and the safety of your community, but what is happening right now in Fairport is a recipe for disaster, Just ask Midland residents who thought their Earthen Dam wouldn't break.

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