Author Topic: Should Safety Matter in Fairport?  (Read 121 times)

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Should Safety Matter in Fairport?
« on: October 29, 2018, 08:23:55 am »
I just received a postcard from two candidates campaigning in the upcoming election.
It claims -


I had to chuckle, because in my experience, few have been concerned with safety in Fairport for over 80 years.

The safety of local residents has, I believe, not been considered by a succession of  local officials. It concerns the flood hazard zone that planning departments have deigned to perhaps turn a blind eye to?

All those people living in the downstream side of the Erie Canal embankments are in a DAM HAZARD ZONE, yet the Town Planning Board have allowed hundreds of properties to be constructed in this area, against all the 'rules'.
Even FEMA has designated the actual canal itself to be a flood zone (yes it's already flooded folks) but the area some 60 feet immediately below it is not. They state properties should not be constructed in these areas. How dumb, and contradictory, is that?

If you live on the downstream side of the embankment, you need to read this.

What I find distressing is that the village has buried its head over this safety problem. They have allowed hundreds of properties to be built in an area which is obviously unsafe. Worse, yet, there are no safety provisions in place, no provisions made for the rapid evacuation of people in the event of a breach in the canal.

To cap it all, town supervisors have blocked the removal of vegetation to allow thorough inspections, even though recent inspectors have declared their work was severely hampered because of this.

Who would get the blame if there was a flood?
Probably The Canal Corp, for being neglectful of the embankments, but also village and town planning boards, and many local officials, for not having planned emergency evacuation procedures, and allowing urban spread in these dangerous areas.

At least the NYPA is trying to improve the safety of local residents, despite the opposition from a very misguided group who seem to be more concerned with the wildlife and weeds than human life.

So, it's good to see some election candidates plugging safety, but are their priorities right? Is the drowning of hundreds of residents and school children more important than placing a few speed bumps?

Surely someone could come up with an emergency warning system and an evacuation plan?

* Election.pdf (392.35 kB - downloaded 18 times.)
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Re: Should Safety Matter in Fairport?
« Reply #1 on: November 01, 2018, 03:44:13 pm »
Of course Safety "should" matter in Fairport, in fact anywhere along the ENTIRE LENGTH of the Erie Canal Trail Embankment portion of the waterway SHOULD be asking for and EAP... Emergency Action Planning for Dam Safety... which would include sirens, evacuation routes by Embankment Dam Section/Name.

Of course it does NOT need to be reinvented, FEMA already has a great Publication for this part of Living with Dams in your Communities

Here's a nice printable flyer to get the ball rolling Fairport