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Facebook Group Founder is all snippy!
« on: June 14, 2020, 06:15:11 am »
A recent post to the STCC page.

Ms Agte calls for a SEQRA process, gets her wish, and then bitches about it. So, now, at this late hour, when their cause is pretty much wiped out, they are going to be bothering all the 'officials' with their 'concerns'.
We all know what they are, and sorry Lizzy, it's old hat now.

Look around, there are plenty of trees around this area, and the ones you are trying to 'save' are mostly junk Cottonwoods that are continually dropping branches on the trails.  They also happen to be growing on an unsafe earthen embankment dam (as determined by so many engineering entities). Hundreds of tons of wood hanging precariously on a pile of dirt, with hundreds of people living close by under millions of gallons of water, but NEVER any mention of their safety. Why are trees more important than people?

As for the 'damp seep' being a wetland, (as if Ms Agte calling it a wetland makes it an official wetland  - it isn't!) what utter nonsense. It was wet because of a leak, which they stopped by hammering in steel sheets. There was a real risk of collapse at this point, and the purpose of the steel wall was to alter the Phreatic line,  to prevent a slump or slide of the dry soil (that stuff with all those heavy trees on it).
Of course it still cannot be carefully monitored because inspection is impossible, as defined by the Rizzo Engineering report stating Class C High Hazard Zone.
And that fiber optic cable, they already knew it would get severed when they installed the steel sheets. If they hadn't driven them in all the way down, there would have been a gap in their 'wall' and everything would have been in vain.

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Re: STCC Founder is all snippy!
« Reply #1 on: June 14, 2020, 09:38:31 am »
And there's more --

What a complete load of nonsense.  Of course they are displacing animals. They dig holes in an earthen embankment dam, and put hundreds of lives at risk of FLOOD!

No mention of the poor people living below this dangerous, poorly maintained dam? They don't matter eh?

What about getting all those residents to write to local officials stating they are worried about their lives and properties?

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I had to weigh in on this one, not because of the totally absurd comments being made by the STCC about Earthen Dams being covered by grass, but because Mike is right about the "wetlands" actually being a LEAK along that section of Earthen Dam.

By the way, the grassy covered Earthen Embankment Dams that this group is complaining about, well it's actually the APPROVED standard in our State for this type of Dam... true!

So why can't these canal leaks be stopped seemed to be the question... and the answer is "The Phreatic Line", just like Mike stated.

It's key to understand that when the Canal Corporation pounds those large metal plates into the ground, to "stop the leak" as people think, the real truth is that they are only reinforcing that section of dam wall, if that leak washes away too much earth. Those metal plates buy the canal folks time to shut the flood gates before the entire embankment gives way. It's a low cost "insurance" option to avoid a wash-out flood event.

The Phreatic Line is a angled plane of saturated earth that extends from the waterline INSIDE the dam, to the bottom of the outside slope, called the Toe. This pheatic water line is normally several inches below the surface of the outboard slope and is where earth and pressures keep that water there. This line does get broken easily, by tree roots and animal burrows which can create issues with dam stability. The phreatic water starts to percolate from the ground, over-saturating surface earth, and then that ground slides down the slope creating a weak spot, soon followed by a breach & flood. All earthen dams leak... period.

The metal wall will sever that pheatic line and stop flow for awhile, but the water will eventually seek it's own level and drain downhill, causing saturation for any embankment that's taller than the height of the metal plates used. Those tall metal walls have channels in them that allow flow like this to happen.

Fairport & Perinton listen up, the Barge Canal Earthen Dam that is being discussed here is about 48-55 feet tall. It sits just South of the Oxbow close to the Fairport / Perinton Town border. The Canal Corporation pounded a 30' tall almost 300' long metal plate wall into this embankment dam. Do the math... nothing will change at the bottom ever water is still leaking out of your Owbow Dam. It's a canal leak that is so old that it's now considered a "wetlands marsh". And there is a large Power Line overhead, built on pillars that are built on a canal leak.

Please call it for what it is, a New York State Barge Canal Leak.

And call all this bantering by a group in your area called the STCC for what it is, more fiction than fact.

Mike, I can't believe these people are still complaining after all this time, and STILL will not admit that this Earthen Embankment Dam clearing is about the safety of the Public, which they are still trying to say is NOT as important as saving danger trees & burrowing woodchucks.

But one GOOD thing from this STCC group efforts is that they have actually IMPROVED the safety of the Public with their State Environmental Quality Review request (they now are complaining about this SEQR work). I will give credit where credit is due, always.

Because the STCC asked for this new SEQR Study, the NYS Canal Corporation took their original safety program, which was going to clear about 50 acres of embankment along the Canal System, and increased that 30 fold to about 1500 acres across 100 more miles of Earthen Dams yet to be cleared. It may be even more now that they have released their draft Environmental Impact Form..calling for 100 feet beyond the canal property "if needed".

The original project started in 2017 has already cleared 27 miles of man-made dams at 40 different embankment locations...something that the STCC also could "stop", thank god. And as you know we live on one of those dams with 4 NEW leaks found on our property. Happy to report they are flowing just fine issues. Here's our pink stake, all wet and leaking about 3' up from the Toe

I for one would like to see this STCC group change their name from Stop the Canal Clear-Cut to something more fitting... maybe this:

Stop This Constant Complaining

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