Author Topic: The three NOT SO WISE men!  (Read 91 times)

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The three NOT SO WISE men!
« on: December 24, 2021, 09:41:35 am »
Who are they?

It should come as no surprise, they are our Town Supervisors - who can't see the the wood through the trees.

They are embarking on a mission to prove all the experts in Hydrology, Dam Engineering, and Dam Maintenance are wrong. Of course, they'll fail at that.

They are also putting the lives of many of our residents at risk! But that's ok. Squirrels are more important than folks living under a dangerous old, badly designed, badly constructed, badly maintained Earthen Embankment dam.

Revisit this site for updates on their nonsense.

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Re: The three NOT SO WISE men!
« Reply #1 on: January 25, 2022, 11:07:38 am »
The email below went out to three Town Supervisors, who now have even bigger Erie Canal issues. These all stem from their decision to support a local Facebook Group who is protesting a Canal Safety Program, to fix unsafe canal embankments.

The residents of these Towns are now being harassed by the group's founder and members, for simply pointing out that dogs need to be leashed if they are using the Empire State Trail. The leaders of the Facebook's Stop the Canal Clear-cut post their pictures regularly, and one canal path user replied to the Leader & Co-Founder of this group.

These are the "not so wise men" who decided to sue NYS to stop a public safety program that was trying to perform maintenance on unsafe earthen canal embankments in their towns, back in 2018. And now they do not seem to like the newly released SEQR Environmental Report that says in plain English.. that they should NOT have tried to stop a dam safety program, the public is in danger from the Canal System.

This letter also went out to Senator Samra Brouk, who seems to not understand when the safety of the public she is supposed to represent, is in danger. She has a part in bolstering this social media misinformation campaign after the FACEBOOK group threatened to pull voting support for her, and any politician who would not support their misguided cause. You can read about that here:

Here's the letter:

Ms Brouk, Mr Smith, Mr Moehle, Mr. Hanna,

Contacting you so you can take responsibility for your actions regarding public safety and public use of the Canal Trail in the Rochester area.

You each took sides against the NYS Canal Corp, when they were trying to repair unsafe embankment issues in Monroe County and specifically Pittsford, Brighton & Perinton. You supported a Facebook Group that wanted to ignore the issues with public safety along an aging Canal System, and that group only minimized Embankment Dam safety in favor of "trail scenery". 

And since you allowed them to believe that ignoring NYS Dam Safety Laws was acceptable, they NOW believe they can rewrite ALL rules setup along the Canal. They do NOT believe that NYS Empire Trail rules apply to them now, when it comes to dog leashing, and have resorted to insulting Canal Trail Users in your area, who try to point out their error to the groups leader, Ms. Elizabeth Agte.

Please read the following post on the Erie Canal Neighbors Association website:

A few local news stations may be contacting you soon, about this issue in Rochester, and the part you have played in creating the danger to your residents, supporting a radical group that thought scenery & shade was more important than safety of Canal Communities & Neighbors. Just a heads up, a chance for you to prepare yet more "misinformation" trying to fight against a NYS Public Safety Program.

Take care,
Doug Kucmerowski
Co-Founder - Erie Canal Neighbors Association

So there you have it... and it's very clear.

NYS Empire Trail Safety Website says LEASH ALL DOGS, but it appears that the protest group thinks those rules do NOT apply to them, they are allowed to "create their own". It's similar to what they are trying to do with the Earthen Embankment Integrity Program... "make their own rules about Dam Safety"

Of course those new "dam rules" leave the towns of these three "not so wise men" in danger of failed canal embankments and the real possibility of a devastating flood. And remember: these Town Leaders are PAID to protect the community from canal danger, and the danger from within, like misguided social media causes.

It's time for the Eastside of Rochester to hold elected officials accountable for their actions, isn't it? 

When will the RESIDENTS of these town wake up and see this blight in their midst and address those who would MINIMIZE the safety of their homes and community?

I have a thought for Ms. Brouk as well, kind of goes with the theme from her Senator website...kind of a "community suggestion box"

The next time to want to IGNORE the safety of the people of New York State, who live and work in all these Erie Canal Communities, by trying to turn a public safety discussion into social media driven "environmental cause", please consider that most people in Rochester know that Facebook is not the "chronical of truth" in America... far from it.

You may want to have your STAFF verify the facts from Facebook, and groups like Stop the Canal Clear-cut, before you decide to join their misguided view of Erie Canal Safety, hoping it improves your showing in the voting booths next time around. We tried to help your staff, they laughed at us.

Public Safety in our State should NEVER become political, or be driven by political motivations... shame on you for trying.
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