Author Topic: Transition to Embankment Integrity Program was costly for Brighton, Pittsford, & Perinton  (Read 141 times)

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Wow, 48 hours & 90 views of this post and not ONE COMMENT?

Is there no one in Perinton or Fairport that has a single thought or comment to the impact of this change on the landscape of the canal?

Is there no one in Brighton, Pittsford, Perinton or Fairport that is willing to say what most of us are thinking?

Ok, I guess someone from Brockport will have to say what most of you in these Towns & Villages seem to not want to say...

Elizabeth Agte, and her Stop the Canal Clear-cut Facebook Group have stopped nothing!

If anything, this group's continued ignorance of the Public Safety nightmare the Erie Canal has become, has backfired in their faces. As a result of her quest to keep trees ON the canal there is now 40 times more canal side property that will now be "reevaluated" for safety issues. What was once only 5 embankments that would be repaired in Brighton to Perinton, could now become 10X the amount of locations that get cleared for "safety's sake". In the old days this type of blunder would merit a "booby prize".

Now it has people shaking their heads, wishing the STCC and it's leaders would just go away quietly... they've done enough damage already.
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