Author Topic: When a tree falls on the Erie Canal Trail does it make a noise?  (Read 24 times)

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The answer is yes... but not the way you think. When a tree falls on the Erie Canal Trail quite a bit of noise is heard, besides the chainsaws to clean the mess up. While some people in Fairport are making a LOT of noise about Trees on Canal Embankments in a negative way it's always good to present the "safety" side of the "tree debate". This is what happened a couple days ago in Fairport.

One Perinton resident has been working with the Canal Corporation, trying to get the message of safety our, trying to make his neighbors understand that OLD trees on OLD earthen dams are unsafe.. period. That Fairport resident is Mike Caswell, who once again shows why having unsafe, tree covered Canal Trails are not in the public's best interest.

Here's some emails that went out Wednesday Morning

And then Mike sent out a map so the Canal Corporation could get their crew into place for cleanup

Of course it all worked out perfectly, that's what happens when people work together for the common good of the Public

Now it could have been over, Mike could have let it go at knowing he helped keep the path clear that day. Nope, Mike went on to POST a message on Fairport Nextdoor to let his neighbors know of the incident and also that those living below these embankments or using the NYS Empire Trail should be learning from this incident.

It's not just the threat from flood water & tree roots below the dams, there is also a huge Erie Canal safety issue looming overhead.

Everyone has a choice to make on safety in Perinton & Fairport. You can listen to those who are working WITH the Canal Corporation to educate on embankment dam safety and how to correct the current unsafe embankments, or you can listen to a group who is saying that safety is "fine" along the Canal, unsafe dams are all a "hoax" as they put it.

Take a look at the pictures, take a look at the post, imagine a person underneath, injured or dead from this tree falling.

Can you believe a group or it's leaders that are saying there is NO danger along Erie Canal Trails in our area?

Friends of Fairport

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Thank you Mike, many of us hike the canal trail daily and appreciate the effort you are making on it's behalf

Keep it going

Perinton Mom

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Thank you Mike & Doug,

This is a popular place along the canal to run. Seems like it's also a section that should get fixed right away. That tree that fell looked small compared to those towering around it. I've learned something today, opened my eyes, time to change my view and leave a group that doesn't understand.