Do you agree with ECNA that the Town of Perinton should do more to promote a safer Erie Canal?

Author Topic: Why isn't Perinton doing more to insure it's residents are safe from aging Canal Embankments?  (Read 146 times)

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As many know.. the ECNA has and always will promote safety, that is the reason why the Erie Canal Embankments are being repaired, for Safety's Sake!

The question some residents of Monroe County should be asking is this: Why are some Monroe County Town & Village OFFICIALS not concerned about Erie Canal Embankment safety in MY community in light of the NY Canal Corporation's new programs & projects that are addressing this very topic.

Unsafe Embankment Dams.. that is what FEMA, and NY DEC, and the Army Corp of Engineer's say is the problem with the Erie Canal these days. The National Dam Safety Program Act of 2006 also agrees that Dam Safety is a big enough issue to make it a nationwide program to repair these aging & unsafe flood control structures.

And all Dam Engineering science agrees that Earthen Embankment Dams are the worst of all dam types for safety issue compliance.

Still towns like Perinton continue to push against the notion that the Erie Canal is unsafe & a problem even exists... we may have figured out why folks.

Here's a map of the Town of Perinton. It shows that the Erie Canal flows North & South & East through town of 46000+ residents.

Using measuring tools on Google Maps, it ALSO showns there is almost 8 1/2 miles of Erie Canal inside the town boundary, that's quite a bit compared to other Erie Canal towns folks. And there are Raised Earthen Embankment Dams on BOTH sides of the Erie Canal within the Town of Perinton, making the risk factors that much greater for the potential of an Embankment Breach Flood Event.

Could this be why Perinton Town Leaders are sticking their "head in the sandy soil" Perinton was built on regarding Erie Canal safety?

Here's a close-up Satellite View of the canalway in Perinton, we have marked Embankment Dams we know of, and plan to measure and count more of the Perinton Dams in the next few weeks. It would appear that many if not ALL Perinton Residents are at some risk of flood if any one of these Embankments were to breach for whatever reason, large tree blowdown, water piping or seepage, rodent burrow flood...all shown to be major issues with poorly maintained or inspected embankments.

We will update the "Dam Registry List" for Perinton once we get a chance to walk the whole Embankment and update our Dam information below, looks like maybe 10 total Embankment Dams within the Town of Perinton Borders, more work is needed to confirm.. And that is only counting the Erie Canal Trailway side of the Canal, maybe a few more like Kreag Rd or East Church Street / Turk Hill area.

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Was this emergency work done in the same stretch of embankments? Seems like a sure sign something is wrong in this general area to anyone looking at all these canal repairs going on.

Why wouldn't the town want to get the canal fixed? That just doesn't make sense.