Author Topic: Can I drain water from an easement into the canal?  (Read 45 times)

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Re: Can I drain water from an easement into the canal?
« on: March 25, 2019, 07:06:33 pm »

I understand your question to be if a permit is needed to put run-off water into the Erie Canal, yes?

You will collect run-off from your property, in a central location that is a natural recess, and pipe it underground, exiting your property and draining directly into the Erie canal. (I assume your pooling water sits above the Erie Canal water level?)

Is the reason you need to do this because the water is prohibited in some way of naturally running into the canal?

Sometimes it less expensive to fill in the recess and get water running the direction you want naturally in the long run.. consider pipe clearing issues with critters making their home inside etc. Just a suggestion but can also understand that cost of screened topsoil and if the lowland is large adding dirt gets expensive fast. It would be nice to have an address, we've gotten really good with a NYS Dam Registry app and can see 3D for most locations.

But back to the question of a drain running into the Erie Canal directly... If that is the plan  then we can get you in touch with someone to come and take a look at what is needed.

Most of your path forward will depend if your property is on the Erie Canal Trail (ECT) side or the "berm" side (as it's called) of the Canal. If you are in need of going UNDER the ECT I have seen that done by the Canal Corporation many times.. it will need a work permit. If you are on the berm side, and your property runs right up to the water's edge then I would think you can manipulate the water in your own property as needed. Here's a picture of what I did with a Canal Leak below the dam in our backyard. My back is to the Erie Canal, the "pond" is about 18' below the ECT

If you want to discuss more send me a personal message... I can also give you some ideas on piping, done about 300' of piping & toe drain ditches to deal with the extra water we all get "living below the Erie Canal dams".

I would advise against 4" pipe if you have standing water... it will never allow the flow you want over time... that is a calculated certainty.