Author Topic: Can I drain water from an easement into the canal?  (Read 45 times)


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Re: Can I drain water from an easement into the canal?
« on: March 28, 2019, 07:34:44 am »
Thanks for the thorough response, Doug. My address is 26 Packet Boat.

I understand your question to be if a permit is needed to put run-off water into the Erie Canal, yes?

Yep - you understand correctly.

You will collect run-off from your property, in a central location that is a natural recess, and pipe it underground, exiting your property and draining directly into the Erie canal. (I assume your pooling water sits above the Erie Canal water level?)

Also, yes. I included a picture of my back yard, looking towards the canal, and you can see the low spot going left-to-right in the picture.

Is the reason you need to do this because the water is prohibited in some way of naturally running into the canal?

Yep. There's a trough that runs across my lawn that coincides with the easement. And the bottom of that trough is above the canal height.

My initial thought was to bury drainage tile in the trough, and Tee it into a pipe that drains into the canal. Then cover the tile with dirt to get everything up to level. The concerns you raised do make sense, about critters and flow.

What are your thoughts after seeing the pic?

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