Author Topic: Can I drain water from an easement into the canal?  (Read 58 times)


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Re: Can I drain water from an easement into the canal?
« on: April 09, 2019, 03:44:10 pm »
Concern #1
If that shallow swale extends into your neighbors yards then I would advise you NOT to add any topsoil to level it off.. you may be blocking natural flow. I think the water mainly flows to the left. That left side property looks just a little lower that the right side one, is that true? Do either of your neighbors have a similar issue with standing water or just your lot?
I think you're right that it flows to the left. The lot to the left has a drain and doesn't have much standing water. To the right, there is standing water, but much less. It appears to be manually handled with a pump.

Concern #2
You are going to be working backwards from spot you plan to exit the drain back to the swale where your "inlet" end will be. I see two major root lines to cross over, and that will not be easy to navigate. The job will need a small backhoe, on a compact tractor to do it right. The idea is to maintain a drain angle similar to pipes in your house, insuring you don't have any place in the drains system that could collect water or ice up in the winter.
Your second response (with the very well constructed figure) reflects what appears to be a good solution for this.

Most important question... Do you and your neighbors have a pond across all your yards in a heavy rain?
Yes and no.  After any rain, there is a band of water across my yard. My neighbors on either side have minimal pooling because (to the left) there is a drain and (to the right) they've added topsoil, I think.
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