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28 Erie Crescent, Fairport
« on: June 17, 2018, 08:26:08 am »
We live right opposite the Earthen Embankment Dam at the Oxbow in Fairport.

It's so nice we decided to share it here: on our Main Website -

It's a fantastic view and I am looking forward to the day the Cottonwoods are removed opposite, so we can see right across the valley to where the canal bends at Bushnell's Basin.

 ECNA Co-Founder, Doug Kucmerowski, says I should be able to see this far once the trees on the Oxbow Lake Dam are removed. Here's a couple maps that show this section of unsafe embankment in Perinton

It's all a tree-covered UNSAFE Embankment Dam from the Oxbow Lake end down to Rt 490 as it crosses the Erie Canal, and near 2 miles long. It has a couple berm type supports where roads cross over the waterway, most of this section is raised earth type dam if you look.

We, my wife Carol & I, were able to watch the Canal Corporation pile driving all that metal sheeting wall support as emergency repairs were being made to a weak earthen embankment section that was shored up a few weeks ago.

That was most interesting!

You can read about that here -
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