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General letter to Neighbors of the Erie Canal
« on: March 21, 2019, 09:24:58 am »
A letter similar to the one below was recently emailed out to many County, Town & Village Leaders from the ECNA. It went to email accounts in every one of the remaining 14 New York Counties where the Canal Embankment Integrity Program has yet to start work. In most cases the email went to County Clerks or Planning Boards along Erie Canal towns, in some cases Mayors or Supervisors were contacted. Feedback is starting to come in from the email, some appreciating the advanced communication as well as the chance to become familiar with The Erie Canal Program information.

More importantly we sent this information along to hopefully start spreading the message to think, read & learn about Embankment Dam safety BEFORE people run off and follow those folks who might not understand that trees ARE the problem right now on the Embankments.

Expanding the ECNA's message across the Erie Canal community should result in more ECNA  Forum guests, who become members who will also take lead roles as this Canal Corp Program works it's way across the state. We need members across the whole state to drive the conversations and also the direction of the Forum

Our original letter started something like this...

Hello all,

If you are receiving this email you most likely represent a County, Town or Village in the state of NY.

To be more specific the Erie Canal most likely passes through your county or town, making you part of the Erie Canal National Heritage Corridor that encompasses this historic waterway. That makes you a neighbor of the Erie Canal, and that is why the ECNA, Erie Canal Neighbor's Association, is reaching out to you today.

If you are not aware, the Erie Canal Waterway System has recently been part of a remediation & restoration project in the western end of the state. The work to repair aging and unsafe Canal Embankments, is part of an ongoing effort by the NYS Canal Corporation (NYCC) to address long standing safety inspection deficiencies as well as...

We have refined that original email a bit, made it short & sweet as some may say and have put it below if anyone else would like to send information on the ECNA Forum or the Canal Corporation Embankment Program. Feel free to use it to help spread the word about safety.

Hello Reader

We're writing to you today because you are a neighbor of the Erie Canal. We are a volunteer group of people who live in the Erie Canal Heritage Corridor like you, and we appreciate the dangers of the neglected dams that keep the canal water where it should be, and out of harms way.  The embankments along the canal are an important safety issue, according to numerous studies by engineers and government departments. State financing is now in place to repair 80 years of neglect and the Embankment Integrity Program is well under way, and heading towards you.

These Embankment Dams are leaking, they have become unsafe and there is a real possibility of a catastrophic flood.

We have some considerable experience of gathering the right information to give to your constituents to ensure they understand the severity of the problems and understand what needs to be done to ensure their safety. You can see many relevant documents here.

General Erie Canal Blog -->
We have a public forum for Erie Canal neighbor discussions, The ECNA -->
Here's a link to the NY Canal Corp website for the Embankment program -->

Two very important public messages from the Canal Corporation regarding the Embankment Program

We have a great deal of information available if you would like to know more, please get in touch and we'll be glad to help.

Erie Canal Neighbors Association

Mike Caswell
(585) 729 5255

Doug Kucmerowski
(585) 637-7051‬
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