Author Topic: If you live below the waterline of the Erie Canal Watch this Video First  (Read 50 times)

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If you look at what type of properties are found along the Erie Canal, whether it's private homeowner or a commercial business, you come  down to only two types... those who can see the water in the Erie Canal and those who can't...pretty simple but which side you are on matters for safety.

If you can see the water in the canal from your property at ground level, then  this video really doesn't pertain to you, but you might want to see what the people who live below the waterline have to be aware of... Dam Hazard Creep

For the rest of you, if you live near the Erie Canal and it's an uphill drive or walk you may be living in a Flood Hazard Zone of one of the many Embankment Dams that helped make the Erie Canal a reality. Those of you who have an Embankment in your backyard, you really want to make sure you watch this video. The NY Canal Corporation is clearing it's  overgrown dams as part of a new safety program... the Erie Canal is going through yet another transformation in it's long history.

This view is really not new.. just a return to what the Erie Canal looked like in 1918:



Can you understand why it was so hard for some people to see the Embankment Dam?

For those who see a tree covered hill in your backyard, and you also know the Erie Canal is at the top of it... you are the first ones to see the effects of living in a Dam's Hazard Creep Zone... Here's a video that explains what Hazard Creep is.. and why we all should be aware there are Dams all around us.. even ones that make up the Erie Canal.

Here's a link to a copy of that video you can download to view or share:
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