Author Topic: Looking for help from the ECNA Community, Pictures of New Embankment Dams Needed  (Read 18 times)

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The ECNA is looking to document the 40 zones that have been recently restored as part of the first Embankment Project.

If you have a newly restored Embankment in your Village or Town you would like to share for posting, please let us know.

If you have a newly restored Embankment behind your home, or on your favorite ride or walk that could help up, please reach out.

We will need to know what Work Zone the picture came from. Use the map below as a guide to identify. If you have additional information like the Dam Length & Height...that would be even better. Videos are good, but pictures are easier to display. Please include your OK to use the photo on our website.

* EERP Zone Map.pdf (132.9 kB - downloaded 1 times.)
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