Author Topic: My Canal Neighbor doesn't cut their Grass, it's over 2 feet tall, what should we do?  (Read 46 times)

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It's been about a week since the ECNA reached out to the NYS Canal Corporation regarding the issues Canal Neighbors are having with out of control "vegetation" along the newly uncovered Earthen Embankment Dams in the western sections of the Erie Canal.

This vegetation is the GRASS COVERING that the NYS Canal Corp said HAD to planted, in place of the woody vegetation that used to cover these earthen structures.

The same GRASS that they told their Canal Neighbors, they would maintain regularly, with a prescribed mowing schedule, that would allow for proper Earthen Dam inspections and identification of possible issues with leaks, seeps or animal burrows.

Trees are GONE and STILL those Earthen Dam Inspections can't be performed as needed

Many Erie Canal Neighbors had their doubts on whether that maintenance of the grass would occur, mostly based on the past 75 years of zero embankment maintenance, by the same NEIGHBOR who now says they will "really" take care of this new, safe, earthen dam covering. And true to form, that neighbor is still NOT maintaining their property, properly, in a timely fashion.

Here's what one of the new Embankment Dams looks like now, at least another 9-12 inches of growth on some of the grass... if you can technically call it that.

And the grass is starting to fold over now, from it's own weight, especially with the latest rain. It will be a mess when it gets cut, like a field of Hay or Straw.

Not sure how the Canal Embankment Inspection would identify any animal burrows, but we routinely see woodchucks going in and out of this mess all day long. Hopefully the Canal Corporation strategy isn't to find the woodchucks by looking for a burrow that starts watering someone's yard...unexpectedly.  Scale-wise, to the surround grass height that is, an animal burrow would have to be made by a three foot tall woodchuck to be seen right now, and that may be a stretch. Like some kind of prehistoric woodchuck... Chuck-zilla.

So much for the idea that an absentee neighbor, who neglected their property for years and years, would suddenly become "proactive" and keep that same property maintained like their many neighbors have been doing, for those same 75 years.

Maybe it was just wishful thinking... or maybe Erie Canal Neighbors were convinced by all the promises being made by the new owners of the Canal System, who said they would fix their many embankment safety issues and maintain their property better than the prior owners.

Neither of those two things has happened the way that they promised... still.

One thing is for sure... the VILLAGE we live in would NEVER ALLOW any of my other neighbors to let their grass grow this tall, without giving them a notice to cut it. Slips on the door telling that neighbor to cut their grass, or the Village would, and bill them for that work as well.

Why aren't our Village & Town Governments doing more to help out Erie Canal Neighbors they are supposed to be serving?

What do our tax dollars get used for, if not to SUPPORT Mayors & Town Supervisors who should be calling or emailing the Canal Corporation to DEMAND that they clean up their PROPERTY, cut the GRASS and maintain to the SAME STANDARDS as the rest of the Village or Town?

Why isn't MORE pressure being applied by Erie Canal Community LEADERS?

Just another example of how "redundant" New York State Government is wasting away our tax dollars... Go Read More:

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