Author Topic: Take a Look and judge for yourself- Clearing & Phase 1 Brockport Before & After Photos  (Read 162 times)

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You see...sometimes it's just talk about the Boogie Man but it's all hype to get people to listen to still more misinformation. The pictures below are taken in the same spots, and the same angles, and show the change from July 2017 to July 2018. What you will see is the Erie Canal & trees in BOTH the before & after. The only difference, the Embankment Dam is visible & cleared for Phase 2 and NOW SAFER!

You can see some houses on the right side of the image. These are our neighbors, we all live BELOW a Dam, and welcome the SAFETY project. For those East of Rochester, your Embankments are in FAR worse shape than in the West. Don't make a critical mistake with your safety and your neighbors. By the way, the clearing crew has completed this section of Canal and was out of the picture.. trees shown stay.

This is the view looking East opposite of the picture above. Have you noticed the trees? Sadly the STCC group is saying it total clearing when it's only removing the trees from the Embankment Impounding Dams along the Erie Canal.

Not the Boogie Man, just the New York Canal Corporation doing their job, making the public safe, insuring the Erie Canal is here for 100 more years. I don't know how to say this better than showing everyone what the Stop The Clear Cut Groups wants you to think is scary destruction.

Make up your own minds about this project by LISTENING to those more who are trying to SAVE the Dams, not leave them UNSAFE.
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