Author Topic: Another Big Win for NYPA's Reimagine the Canals Community Building Work  (Read 64 times)

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This was just released, more success for NYPA's Reimagine the Canals program.

Thank goodness someone finally owns the NYS Canal System, and has figured out how to turn what some people in NYS Legislation called an "anchor & burden" of the many NY State businesses, into what it's supposed to be all along... a New York State ASSET.

Kudos to New York Power Authority for the forward looking vision of what the Erie Canal could be, instead of what it had sadly become... an eyesore and a danger to the public

Now if they can only clear all those overgrown embankment dams and really start re-imagining a "safer" Erie Canal.[/size

New York Power Authority and New York State Canal Corporationís Reimagine the Canals Iconic Lighting Program Internationally Recognized for Illumination of Canal Infrastructure

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