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Re: Brian Stratton report on European event
« on: July 30, 2022, 10:23:17 am »
Key takeaways from Mr. Stratton's highlights of the World Canal Conference are around the need to transition Canals from a commercial use model, to one that supports an increase in recreational use, and how best to handle the issues with the migration of invasive species of flora and fish.

"Like so many of our counterparts throughout the world, New York continues to grapple with the challenges of transitioning from an inherently industrial waterway to employing new ideas for a thriving and sustainable recreation-based waterway. "

Mr. Stratton also saw the latest in mechanical innovation used to lift European Ships along waterways with differing levels...elevators for boats that can handle 100' changes in elevation. These would eventually replace locks normally used but with the added benefit of not having to rely on water.

This is a novel approach that has many "side benefits" that Brian noted here:

"By isolating watercraft from the navigation channel in a single compartment and through the structure’s lifting process, the massive hoists could provide a protected chamber to ensure ships and recreational watercraft are cleaned of any aquatic invasive species prior to reentering the navigation channel."

Maybe innovations seen in Europe, with their long history of canal travel, will help NY State fight it's battle with invasive species like the Round Goby or zebra mussel by creating a "waterless" solution to raising & lowering boats in the Erie Canal someday.
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