Author Topic: New York Canal Corporation is Reimaging the Canals as a Fishing Destination  (Read 9 times)

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Ran across this new plan by the NY Canal Corporation to increase water flow out of the Erie Canal into major streams in Orleans & western Monroe County.

It's all part of the new NYPA plan to Reimagine the Canals in New York State as something more than the "anchor" it has been to taxpayers across the state for so long.

First, the NY State Leadership gave the entire Erie Canal System to New York Power Authority with the conditions that they would fix all of the safety & long standing maintenance issues. Secondly, they also made it clear that NYPA now owned the Canal System and New York Power would fund it fully, using NO TAXPAYER MONEY to keep it solvent & running safely. This has now become a fact that few people know about but NYPA is advertising on their website & emails.

And now, we see Canal Embankment & Lock repair work getting the attention that has been missing for the past 100 years.

And we also see programs like the new Canal Corporation Fishing Program, which will release much needed water to all major rivers, streams, & tributaries that flow North across the Erie Canal Corridor into Lake Ontario.

There is a webfile that explains this new program along with when & where it will run here:

So a simple message for many of the neighbors & property owners living along the NY State Canal System:

If you see more water running along these streams please do not call the NYS Canal Corporation to report that the "canal is leaking water" and running down your favorite creek or stream... it's OK. It's all by design to make the Erie Canal more useable and help local watersheds who run through drought conditions at times. And also part of the New York Power Authority & NY Canal Corporation experiment to Reimagine The Canals as a Fishing Mecca in the Northeast