Author Topic: NY Governor Announces new Brockport Loop Pedestrian Bridge Design Group  (Read 137 times)

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It doesn't really matter what the Governor of New York, the NYS Canal Corporation announces, or what the New York Power Authority is trying to do to improve the Erie Canal, make it safe, and make it profitable.

The Stop the Canal Clear-cut group on Facebook simply won't like it... just because they don't get things "their way".

Now it's how much they don't like the proposed Brockport Loop Pedestrian Bridge & Access Point.

By the way, the Stop the Canal Clear Cut Facebook group's way of "fixing" the Erie Canal ignores general Public Safety of most Canal Communities, ignores the overall Sustainability of a 200 year Old Erie Canal system, it also ignores all the science & facts regarding Earthen Embankment Dam Maintenance & Inspection and all Dam Safety rules for the State of New York.

Imagine that, Facebook environmentalist who can't seem to agree with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation regarding the Truth about Dam Safety...