Author Topic: Perinton, Pittsford & Fairport noticeably absent from NY's Re-imagine the Canals Meetings  (Read 81 times)

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Maybe the time has come for a "showdown" between the ECNA with it's safety message and the STCC with it's Green is Good idea.

Let's see what happens when they are confronted directly about SAFETY of Erie Canal Neighbors and how they seem to not believe that is important enough to talk about. After all, it's my home turf, and the ECNA's view on safety has the support of Brockport Village Leaders,  The NY Canal Corp & the Reimagine the Canals effort.

If the STCC wants to come out to the Brockport Re-imagine Meeting and try to turn the conversation to keeping trees on unsafe dams then we will have a go at it.

After all, Ms. Maier & Ms Agte were the ONLY two people who raised their hands in a Perinton meeting back when the ECNA asked "Who thinks trees and squirrels are MORE important than the possible loss of HUMAN lives".

The whole meeting room at the Perinton Town Hall went silent when that happened.

But sadly not one of their Perinton-Fairport neighbors even made an attempt to say that wasn't right and they should rethink their answer