Author Topic: Western NY Counties working to Reimagine their own Erie Canal Waterfronts  (Read 72 times)


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This article was posted in the Orleans County Hub.

Maybe the single most important statement is about how the Canal is being revitalized & restored, all part of the Reimagine Canals program & new ownership by NYPA to make it a safe & lasting waterway.

The state is looking to spend more money to promote the canal and make it a better resource for the canal communities. The canalís new caretaker, the New York Power Authority, also has shown a commitment to improving the canal infrastructure, DeRoller said.

Gov. Cuomo and the State Legislature have made money available for the canal communities in recent years for economic development projects. The Orleans communities have tapped few of those funds, partly because there isnít a waterfront revitalization plan in place.

Seems like the first order of business in trying to develop the canal waterfront is to clear the embankments and see what these Towns have to work with...a point understood by the Orleans Hub.

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Here's a little more coverage of the Brockport Village Reimagine the Canals Ideation Meeting from the Canal Corp's Facebook Page