Author Topic: Reimagine a New York State Canal System that actually makes a profit... you can't!  (Read 51 times)

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Take a look at the released NYS Canal Corporation Compliance website again, some newly released budgets are out.

The ECNA has been trying to find out what was happening with NYPA's ownership, and how it might affect the NYS Canal Corporation's operation of the Canal System and it's maintenance, which includes clearing and repairing the earthen embankment safety concerns.

There are quite a few changes, and NYS Canal Law has also been updated to reflect the new change in ownership.

And maybe most notable is how much that NYPA is spending to support the NYS Canal System, and it's hundreds of miles of Trails. With the change in ownership of the Canal System, the "tax payer" support went to ZERO and NYPA was asked to foot the entire bill for the operation and care of a 200 year old waterway.

So how much does it cost NYPA to run the NYS Canal System, including it's 480+ employees, and miles of waterway, trails, dams & locks?

It cost them 67% of their OVERALL PROFITS, a full 2/3 share.

One thing for sure... the New York Power Authority wants to "Reimagine the Canals" that would somehow "make a profit" at some point

Here's what NYPA Owns:

Here's what NYPA Budgets for their Business:

You know what they say in the NYS Erie/Barge Canal World?  Once an anchor, ALWAYS an ANCHOR...

In the opinion of the ECNA, and many others  throughout the world, the only ways that the NYS Canal System will make a profit for the State of New York:

1) Follow the "science" and get Erie Canal water moving continously so it can generate electrical power "full-time" for this NYS Power company


2) Turn it into a 40' wide "creek", about 6 foot deep, so it can still be used for Farm Irrigation and Human Powered Watercraft and have almost zero maintenance.
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