Author Topic: STCC makes Unfounded Accusations against NYS Govenor Cuomo over Reimagine Canal Efforts  (Read 15 times)

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The Stop the Canal Clear Cut Group on Facebook gets even more bizarre by the day...

Now some of their Facebook members are making & posting false accusations against the Governor of NY State for his continued work supporting the NY State Canals' Reimagine effort. It appears they are trying to insinuate that he is either abusing the power of his office for personal gain or has somehow created a "quid pro quo" to fill his pockets with money by approving $300 million dollars for the improvement of the Barge Canal. Unsure how the RADIO STATION that posted these remarks can be so "sure" of the validity of their statements.

But then again "truth in advertising" hasn't been a strong suit for this group or it's leadership since they started

Does this all sound familiar given the recent news cycle from Washington these days, what can we expect next from a group with a very loose hold on the truth?

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