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Take a look at the pictures below. One set was taken in the summer of 2017, the other was taken yesterday. The pictures were taken from almost the same point on the canal, one looking east, the other was a 180 degree turn to the west... amazing huh?

Now imagine how much privacy was lost by NEIGHBORS of the Erie Canal at the expense of "re-imagining" a safer canal, one where the Erie Canal Trail visitors and their scenery seems to be more important to the Canal Corporation than the PRIVACY of it's neighbors.

Neighbors who spoke up at public meetings citing issues with loss of privacy, security and a peaceful life along the Erie Canal.

I will be posting MORE pictures here over the next few days of just how much certain canal neighbors have "given up" as a result of poor planning & poor execution of this Embankment Restoration Project by the Canal Corporation. It's  time to call it like it is... wrong!

Yes the Canal Corporation and NYPA HAVE addressed the safety issues but in the process they have also created a daily nightmare for many neighboring homeowners. These people, who once has lovely canal side properties now have to contend with all sorts of new sights, sounds... and pedestrian "rudeness". When the Barge Canal was built in 1918-1925 the "towpath" was NOT used bu mules & packet boats, those days were long gone. Steamships ran the canal back then and the path, which is actually just a service road became overgrown from non-use. It was only later that the Canal Corporation decided to "re-invent" it as a walking trail across the state.

Did they ask their neighbors if they minded letting 1 million people use a path only a few yards away from their homes?

No, they couldn't see, or maybe didn't want to see their neighbors, through 75 years of non-maintained overgrowth. They were content to leave the trees on Dams then because it served a purpose.. they could ignore those neighbors and their concerns.

Now they have said THAT actually caused an unsafe condition on the Embankments and for the Canal System...  and still the seem to IGNORE what some of their neighbor's, those MOST affected by their new "dam safety program" and what has amounted to a stripping away of privacy for those that have had it for so long. They didn't ask us for input on the project BEFORE it started, only engaged us after they saw some resistance to the safety work they had planned.

These two NY Agencies FAILED to care or even respect the full impact of their actions... most would call it Willful Negligence

Here's a few more pictures of some VERY close homeowners that should be allowed the option of Privacy Fencing for their properties. Many of them are along the 4 miles of dams that line the north boundary of Brockport Village

Now I would also like to point out that there are also many folks who think they have a grievance against the NY Canal Corporation as a result of the Embankment Rehabilitation Program. Some are neighbors who say they have suffered a real loss of privacy as a result of the clearing of embankments... you judge for yourself how valid these claims may be.

Well, there view seems a little different than those in the first picture collage. And certainly from the view of Privacy & Security they don't seem to have the same issues as that first group either. But they do feel they lost something... when the visit the back lot line of their property perhaps.

And there is a still another group of people that have been pestering the Canal Corporation about this embankment safety work. They have actively tried to prevent it from happening, some have been part of the Court Injunction that moved a few Work Zones off the project. As you can see by the maps shown... NONE of these people are in danger of being flooded if unsafe dams breached. Even more amazing... NONE of these people actually live directly on the Erie Canal. But they ALL believe they have the "right" to decide the fate of those who are living in danger of flooding... and the Canal Corporation has done absolutely nothing to address this group.

Can anyone guess who's houses these are?

Where do we go from here?
You know it's been said that "Tall Fences Make Great Neighbors". That is never more true when your neighbor is thinking ONLY of their own interests in the neighborhood and not others... EXACTLY what many of the neighbors along the Erie Canal see happening right now.

Our new neighbor, who just cleaned up his property after 75 years of absence, doesn't seem to care much about the other 327 neighbors it has in the Western Section of the NY's Erie Canal.. at least that the way it seems right now. They simply are thinking of how to make more money, off the same asset, by making it "more recreational" and putting more people on the water and trail that has become our own little nightmare

What used to be a paradise for many has now become a prison. Some homeowners are unable to use their properties on weekends now, and most times are under constant scrutiny by hikers & bikers who think the ECT is some type of 'Garden Walk". Please...  nothing here to see...just move on folks.

Oh yea,, and please try to use your indoor voice when you turn our backyards into your own personal phone booth.. we would appreciate it.
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