Do you think that a Privacy Fence should be a screening option offered by the Canal Corporation

Author Topic: Why are NYPA and the NY Canal Corporation ignoring their own SEQR recommendations?  (Read 10 times)

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Folks... you just can't make this stuff up. The ECNA has recently uncovered some glaring inconsistencies in the rushed State Environmental Quality Review (SEQR) that was performed after the Court Injunction stopped the Embankment Project in eastern Monroe County. The Embankment work had already started in late 2017 and the lawsuit to stop work in Pittsford, Brighton & Perinton happened in February 2018.

The SEQR for the original zones 1-40 of that project was completed and released in October 2018... it is undated & many sections that would have identified issues with Privacy, Humans, and Dams was filled out incorrectly or not at all. Take a look for yourself:

Here's the website where the Canal Corporation put the SEQR Review and DEC Negative Declaration in October 2018


If you open it you will see THREE main parts... one for general issues to be identified, another for more specific issues, and a thrid part which is a summary statement. I have taken the parts out of those sections that deal with Humans, Pollutants, and Dams. These are the only sections that seem to even consider the affect of this safety work on the neighbor's of the Erie Canal.

You will also see the Summary (SEQR Part 3) which shows the NY State Environmental Quality Review for the original Embankment Restoration Project did indeed state that BOTH natural barriers and FENCES may be needed to address some of the issues.

You can read the entire Summary Part 3 here - * Embankment Restoration NegDeclaration.pdf (77.27 kB - downloaded 0 times.)

Here's SEQR Part 1... which has contains the SEQR Questions related to Dams... note the answer by the Canal Corp or whoever completed this review from NYPA

And again in SEQR Part 2 the Review has some inconsistencies and omissions that seem to avoid the topics most near and dear to the hearts of the Erie Canal Neighbors who's lives have been turned upside down by this embankment work... human related affects.

So the ECNA is going to be asking the tough question... Why did the Canal Corporation NOT follow recommendations for Barrier Screening provided by their own State Environmental Quality Review?

If you think FENCE should be an option please respond to the Poll included in this Post