Author Topic: Eclipse 2024 - Views from the Erie Canal along the Seneca River  (Read 122 times)

Doug K

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Eclipse 2024 is over, sadly the Seneca-Erie Canal view was shrouded by some fairly thick cloud cover, that at most let only a few glimpses of the actual event, and those were worth the wait. Here's what it looked liked near Howland Island.

Finally the clouds cleared enough to see the Sun & Moon

The shadow of the Moon, passing over the Seneca River was amazing. Upstream was in a sunset mode while the other side of the shadow gave a second sunrise that day looking downstream. At one point it was very dark, not enough light to even take a group photo, without a flash. Eerie, yet amazing at the same time.

The best memory that day was about halfway through the eclipse, when for about a minute or so the clouds thinned enough to capture this image

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Michael Caswell

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The Gods decided Fairport didn't deserve to see the actual eclipse. I guess its payment for having so many dorks living in the area. (Joke!)

Never the less, the event was spectacular. I was particularly pleased to see all the birds rushing around chirping. They obviously knew something was up!