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526 Signatures can't be wrong!
« on: April 07, 2022, 10:29:48 am »
The Erie Canal Neighbors Association has recently collected over FIVE HUNDRED signatures of people SUPPORTING the New York Power Authorities mission - The Earthen Embankment Integrity Program

Here is the petition

We believe these signatures declare much more commitment than people merely joining a Facebook page.

Now is the time for our local politicians to take notice, and hopefully realise so many folks are FOR SAFETY and the removal of vegetation from our dangerous canal embankments, that are suffering badly from neglect from previous ownership.

FEMA, Army Corps of Engineers, Association of State Dam Safety Officials, NYDEC and other have all made it very clear that trees do not belong on an earthen Embankment dam.


For a more comprehensive look at the projected Canal Corporation program please visit

If you need the facts about the canal -

Thank you

Mike Caswell

Erie Canal Neighbors Association
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Yes we agree. It's strange, but true.

Hopefully, one day very soon, when all the "dust clears" from Erie Canal Embankment rejuvenation, some of these 1100 people will look in the mirror and ask themselves why they were "taken in" by a group that was fighting AGAINST public safety so easily.

How they could believe the "leadership" of a protest group, who posted rules for that group, that they refused to follow themselves...

And how they were ALL so easily taken in, by a social media campaign that simply ignored the facts & truth about Earthen Dam safety, and instead promoted denial, distraction & disinformation.

Until the STCC group returns to a "private Facebook club", the battle to expose them, for what they are, goes on...

And we will continue to inform the public of the TRUTH regarding Erie Canal Safety & Integrity... stay tuned.
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