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Re: A 524 mile beautiful park?
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Mike, that may be the truth here, but you are talking to a group that says "if it's green it's good" and doesn't acknowledge any dangerous conditions exist on embankments, or the canal. Actually it appears that they do not care about anyone's safety, not even their own.

This is about their walk on a canal trail and not wanting that to change one bit.

It was in their group leaders statement -->

"I don't think most of the people in Perinton have any idea how life altering this clear cutting will be. We have seen it on the west side, most people in Perinton have not." per Elizabeth Agte - August 4, 2021 at 10:07pm (from her she-shed)

Life Altering? For Canal Walkers?

It seems like the entire Town of Perinton & Village of Fairport is NOW supposed to care what Elizabeth "thinks" and adjust any public safety work accordingly, and especially the local politicians & legislators, who Elizabeth said can get "votes" by simply looking the other way on public safety.

"I remain hopeful that Perinton town officials will rally. I hope that those running for office recognize this as their opportunity to shine with voters" per Elizabeth Agte - August 4, 2021 at 10:07pm (from her she-shed)

It's no wonder NYPA will not sit down to listen to this Facebook Group anymore, it's obvious that public safety (even their own) doesn't matter to the Stop Group, and that's what any Integrity Program directed at fixing Earthen Embankments is about, isn't it? If this Facebook group can't accept the facts presented by the people who know the most about the Erie Canal system, then any further conversations are basically useless.

You know something, there are still many people in this country, that want to believe Insurrectionist storming US Government buildings are really "disgruntled patriots". This Facebook group can believe 100 year old dams are "totally safe", why not? They can believe in Mother Nature, wood nymphs and fairies too if they want.

But Canal Neighbors will still be in danger of treading water one day, if they are not careful, and they should stop people like this from trying to decide their fate or chance of dying in a flood.
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