Author Topic: Facebook's Stop the Canal Clear-cut Group Leaders both exemplify the definition of insanity  (Read 152 times)

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They get dafter by the minute
« on: June 01, 2022, 05:47:15 am »

Well folks! This one really takes the biscuit!  Talk about grasping at straws!  The Canal Corp must be chuckling over this. Of course, Mr Roshia must be an 'expert' at 'aquatic life'.(I jest!)

 This drivel is really sad because there is absolutely no concern for those people living under these dangerous dams. 

What is it that these people don't understand?  Humans, our neighbors, are under the threat of a dam failure, but these folks are worried about 'aquatic life'.

I think we can safely say that in future, any comments by Mr Roshia can be ignored!.