Author Topic: Facebook's Stop the Canal Clear-cut Group Leaders both exemplify the definition of insanity  (Read 152 times)

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Re: They get dafter by the minute
« on: June 01, 2022, 07:38:33 am »
I believe Mr. Roshia Jr is an avid fisherman, that was his whole beef in Waterloo. The NYS Canal Corporation put up some State-sponsored "glamping campsights" that interfered with his favorite fishing hole near some island there. So he may be an aquatic expert, because he's looked into the eyes of the fish he caught, and can see "it's soul".

I jest of course, like Mike.

Steve is yet another Facebook whiner, who wants others to know he's upset about something the "State" does. But he is right about the NYS DEC and the NYS Canal Corporation, they do watch over each other's laws, and rules regarding NY Dam Safety and the environment.

It's called OVERSIGHT, and is how NY State required Environmental Impact Studies get performed.

And it's also how Erie Canal Neighbors get protected from idiots on Facebook, who say leaking earthen navigation dams are not a problem, and that we should all worry more about invasive trees & wildlife along the canal than for the thousands of Erie Canal neighbors & canal communities in those Erie Canal Embankment Flood Inundation Zones.

Total moron, misses the point because he believes his point is "more important"...maybe to him, but no on else.

If Steve is the aquatic expert he claims, why isn't he working to figure out how to keep the Round Goby from overrunning the Champlain Canal? There are many in our State and Vermont, who want to close the NY canal system, at selective locks, to halt these INVASIVE fish from taking over our freshwater lakes & streams.

Stop worrying about the INVASIVE TREES, they are all a distant memory soon enough, thanks to NYS Dam Management Rules & Regulations
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