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Author Topic: Facebook's Stop the Canal Clear-cut Group Leaders both exemplify the definition of insanity  (Read 159 times)


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From a very reliable source, about Canal Embankment  Manuals. And this State required environmental package was actually due in November 2021, it's over 6 months behind now.

The current "delay" in release of the new Earthen Embankment Integrity Program is directly caused by the need for New York Power & Canal Authority to answer hundreds of letters sent in saying the exact same thing. These letters were written at the same time, sent together from a group on Facebook

The letters all said basically: 1) keep the trees because they provide shade and animal habitats, and #2) embankments are safe. Some may have mentioned that all that's wrong with the Erie Canal, is fear mongering on the part of New York State. And before the EEIP Release can happen, all of those letters from concerned citizens have to be answered.

Look for it very soon, more pictures, and more descriptions of embankments & issues with them. It's being written so that even a fifth grader should understand it, and what's at stake if canal embankments are left to fail with no maintenance and no inspections, because "you can't inspect what you can't see."