Author Topic: Facebook's Stop the Canal Clear-cut Group Leaders both exemplify the definition of insanity  (Read 152 times)

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Mr. Roshia Jr claims to be an expert in all things fish related.

But as many know from experience, some fish live near the surface and some live near the bottom...aptly termed "bottom feeders".

Somehow Stevie is certain that by removing 8% of the water in the canal, the aquatic life will be totally confused, and be more competitive for food.

Never heard of anything so absurd, it's only been lowered by only 12", at that was on the "surface", and it's still ELEVEN FEET deep, plenty of water.

Those bottom feeders still have plenty of food, and fish cruising along the surface water have food as well. Flies and bugs don't care where the water surface is, it's still there to land on and get gobbled up by any top feeders. Zebra mussels still have plenty of rip-rap rocks to cling to, and Round Goby will still have plenty of canal water to be invasive in...think about it. Fish and aquatic life do the same thing regardless of water depth, it's just a matter of how deep or shallow the water is.

It's yet another FALSE claim on Facebook, by this local protest group, that's as stupid as their prior statements like: "Canal Embankments are not Earthen Dams and are totally safe", and "Invasive trees & vegetation along the Erie Canal don't create embankment or trail safety issues"

It's obvious that "Fisherman Steve" is out of his element here, he knows nothing about Canal Dam Maintenance and probably isn't the best source of "truth" regarding Erie Canal safety. In fact, his theories on Canal Aquatic Life are a bit far-fetched, fish have ALWAYS been in completion for food, no water what size water source they live in.

That's why the eat each other, isn't it?

Well, isn't it?
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