Author Topic: Facebook's Stop the Canal Clear-cut Group Leaders both exemplify the definition of insanity  (Read 152 times)

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And it now appears that Mr. Steve Roshia Jr is NOT an expert on NYS Canal "glamping".

Here he states that the NYS Canal Corporation was all wrong on using "tents" for glamping sites along the Erie Canal

But a quick check of "Best Glamping Sites near Yellowstone" shows that the preferred lodging for glamping there is EXACTLY what the Canal Corporation's partner Tentr company used... soft-sided canvas tents or yurts

Once again, these Stop the Canal Clear-cut group members are caught trying to spread disinformation, misinformation, and pass "valued opinions" off as 'facts'. A quick check online proves it's all just more "hype" from a social media group who would be better off just going away.

Steve was wrong on canal fish fighting for food sources, and he's also wrong on this camping topic... go figure.

Just proves what we've said all along...Facebook is NOT the best source for facts, or people who know the facts
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