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« on: April 24, 2019, 08:10:57 am »
SW Fairport Nextdoor Lead is a member of the Stop The Clear Cut Group.
Nikki Weston (Nicole French Weston) is registered on their Facebook page


Ms Weston has been deleting my posts regarding the progress of and activities of The NYPA Canal Corp and the Vegetation program involving the dangerous earthen embankment dams. Recently there has been a tremendous amount of work going on west of here, and the information I posted has been welcomed by many.
She cited ‘over posting’ and complaints from neighbors, but these complaints were orchestrated by Elizabeth Agte, founder of Stop The Clear Cut, as can be seen by the statement made recently regarding my recent post.
Agte said, “I have reported him to the site admin. I would strongly suggest that any member of this group who has stood tall and proud for the civilized dialog we have had on this page also report him for this post....

No one contacted me, to discuss the posts, or to notify me they had been removed.
Weston is an STCC member, and a new Nextdoor Lead. It appears she was introduced to Nextdoor by J Meuwissen who is a very vocal spokesperson for the STCC.

Ms Weston should have recused herself from any involvement in my posts, knowing the opposing opinion that exists between the ECNA & the STCC.

She’s made bad decisions here, and I believe she’s not fit to be a Nextdoor Lead, and have informed the head office of this.
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