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NEXTDOOR doesn't know which way is up!
« on: February 26, 2020, 10:20:29 am »
I encouraged 120 Fairport residents to join this Nextdoor setup, and just lately, I'm beginning to regret ever doing that.

We ( the ECNA) have discovered some disturbing facts regarding the running of Fairport. These came to light after seeing the new School Budget being pushed through. $65,000,000 for things like plastic grass on the playing fields, is a tough pill for me  to swallow, especially as my property/school taxes are over $14,000 a year, and rising at the rate of $600+ a year.

It came to light that Fairport is by far the biggest spender of all the villages along the canal, even outdoing Pittsford.  Because there are so many layers of government here, we are paying for some things twice, once in the village and then again in the town of Perinton.
Then we discovered that there is actually NYS legislation encouraging villages to dissolve, to reduce the taxes and streamline all the services.  Reduction of taxes is estimated to be about 40%, a very welcome relief methinks.

So, where does NEXTDOOR fit into all this?

I have been told that they do not want anything 'political' or 'controversial' on their site, and I felt this problem would fit into that category, so I placed a link to the ECNA site, asking people to take their views there.

I was rather surprised to find out that this had been taken down. Was it because I was a little flippant, mentioning NEXTDOOR was better served with topics like lost kittens, or snow plowing services? (I might have mentioned Tupperware parties too).

I contacted the leads, and got a response from Brian saying that I had posted  a link to our site and that was, apparently, against NEXTDOOR's rules. That is a new twist, for sure.  I contacted the other lead, Ms Weston, and guess what - zip!  Guilty Nikki! She's done it again, blocking my posts, this time for a freshly made up rule.

In my experience, NEXTDOOR has a bunch of amateurs running the show. They are only interested in their advertising revenue. They have no regard for public safety or on anything subject that is worth intelligent adult discussion. Their moderators can't control a conversation, mainly because they have so many of them at their head office, you'll get flipped from one to another, over the same topic, almost as if they take it in turns to answer the incoming mail. Unfortunately, they don't even read the thread to fully understand the problems. And, worse, they have a pile of scripted answers they fob you off with.

I won't be recommending anyone else to join NEXTDOOR. My 120 count will stay there. And if you were one of them, please accept my apologies for suggesting this to you, but I guess if you've lost a kitten, or you need some weeds pulling, NEXTDOOR is fine!