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Nextdoor is denying their own policies with ECNA Posts
« on: February 26, 2020, 01:21:52 pm »
Folks... the real issue is plain to see, prejudice by a few "STCC -Owned" Nextdoor moderators for Mike Caswell's posts, and anything related to the Erie Canal Neighbors Association. What they have stated as reason for pulling the posts has changed 3-4 times now. The last moderator said that because Mike had placed "links" to outside websites, the post was in violation of some rule, somewhere.

Sadly, once again, the Nextdoor staff was grasping at straws.

If Nextdoor didn't want external URL links placed into their members posts, why would they include instructions about how to do it on their help pages?

The ECNA is not going to be deterred. If you are using the Nextdoor App in the Fairport Area, and are concerned about Village Taxes, Erie Canal Safety or the Transformation of a 20th century canal to a 21st century Recreational Destination, come join in the the conversation here:

NEXTDOOR Fairport ECNA -->

And the same goes for those of you in Brockport, who value the information that the ECNA brings to canal villages and towns. Get on Nextdoor and come join the ECNA in it's new Brockport "branch" Group.

NEXTDOOR Brockport ECNA -->

Together we can help make the NYS canal system a safer, better public space than anyone can imagine. Support canal safety... join the discussion.
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